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What you need to know about 

corona virus

mental health Resources

For general information on novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in Oregon, call 211

If you are having a medical emergency, call 911.

How to talk to youth about COVID-19:

Education resources, including mental health, for kids, families during coronavirus LINK HERE


Talking to Kids About the Coronavirus Crisis link HERE

Hood River Mental Health Resources During COVID-19

Hood River County Prevention Department

Free Class to Help Deal With Stress and Mental Health 

Reach Out Oregon 

YouthLine COVID-19 Support -- English

Managing COVID-19 Stress Flier (1)

Managing COVID-19 Stress Flier (2)

The things we say, and the way we say them, matter.

When negative stereotypes are spread about entire communities of people, there are very real health consequences – people are less likely to seek medical care and speak openly about things they may be experiencing.

So we want to be clear: COVID-19 does not discriminate. Your race, ethnicity or nationality is not a factor in getting or spreading disease. In order to successfully fight diseases like COVID-19, we need everyone to feel welcome, heard and safe when seeking medical care.


Taking care of mental health during COVID-19

How to Cope with the Mental Health Impacts of COVID-19

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