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Hood River County Coronavirus (COVID-19)


county emergency response websites:

Hood River County Emergency Management

Hood River County Public Health Department

Hood River County Public Health is the lead agency on the COVID response locally. Public Health manages the health system’s response to this emergency.

Hood River County Sheriff's Office of Emergency Management activated the Hood River County EOC (Emergency Operations Center) March 12 to support our vital local partnership of agencies and 

Incident Command (Hood River Public Health).


Our goals: The greatest good for the greatest amount of people. Address unmet community needs.

​This proactive, collaborative COVID-19 emergency response continues in Hood River County, with County departments, Cities, Ports, health agencies, law enforcement, Fire and EMS, social service agencies, public information officers and community partners working together in the EOC to

keep our community safe, share resources, and plan for contingencies. 


Governor Kate Brown required face coverings while in indoors statewide July 1.

Governor approved Hood River County to enter Phase 2 reopening June 19.

Governor approved Hood River County's Phase 1 Reopening Plan; some businesses reopen May 15.

Hood River Board of County Commissioners applied for Phase 2 reopening for the County on June 5 to to Governor Kate Brown. Brown announced June 11 that reopening phases statewide are on hold.

After the Governor released her Reopening Framework in late April, Hood River County convened a Reopening Task Force that developed a Hood River County Reopening Plan, effective May 15. 

Governor approves Hood River County Reopening Plan 5-14-20

Hood River County Reopening Plan - Press Release 5-8-20

Visit: Hood River County Health Departm

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This website is for Hood River County residents and businesses to help navigate the COVID-19 health emergency.


This website is supported by Hood River County Sheriff's Office of Emergency Management, Hood River County

Public Health,  the Cities and Ports of Hood River and Cascade Locks, Hood River County School District and Hood River County Prevention Department.

Working together, we can prevent COVID-19 from reaching residents.  Please take preparedness steps to keep the coronavirus from spreading.