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corona virus

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For general information on novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in Oregon, call 211

If you are having a medical emergency, call 911.

Hood River Mental Health Resources During COVID-19

Hood River County Prevention Department

Free Class to Help Deal With Stress and Mental Health 

Reach Out Oregon 

YouthLine COVID-19 Support -- English

Managing COVID-19 Stress Flier (1)

Managing COVID-19 Stress Flier (2)

The things we say, and the way we say them, matter.

When negative stereotypes are spread about entire communities of people, there are very real health consequences – people are less likely to seek medical care and speak openly about things they may be experiencing.

So we want to be clear: COVID-19 does not discriminate. Your race, ethnicity or nationality is not a factor in getting or spreading disease. In order to successfully fight diseases like COVID-19, we need everyone to feel welcome, heard and safe when seeking medical care.


Taking care of mental health during COVID-19

How to Cope with the Mental Health Impacts of COVID-19


This website is for Hood River County residents and businesses to help navigate the COVID-19 health emergency.


This website is supported by Hood River County Sheriff's Office of Emergency Management, Hood River County

Public Health,  the Cities and Ports of Hood River and Cascade Locks, Hood River County School District and Hood River County Prevention Department.

Working together, we can prevent COVID-19 from reaching residents.  Please take preparedness steps to keep the coronavirus from spreading.